Rapid, high resolution characterisation of gene regulation at your fingertips

Dissecting gene regulatory networks is challenging. It is hard to distinguish cause from effect and fully capture the temporal changes in gene expression. SkyLab Bio offers an automated prototyping service for gene regulatory networks that makes it easy to obtain a deep quantitative understanding of causal structure and dynamics.

Accelerate your workflows with SkyLab

  • Quickly generate evidence of gene regulation for your favourite transcription factors to confirm your hypotheses
  • Identify novel gene regulatory mechanisms by exploring combinatorial interactions between transcription factors and target genes and their effects on expression dynamics
  • Accurately determine cause and effect between transcription factors and the expression of target genes
  • Gain deeper understanding of gene network behaviour from your in vivo experiments by integrating them with SkyLab datasets
  • Prioritise your designs of synthetic gene networks for in vivo implementation by rapid prototyping on the SkyLab platform

SkyLab permits up to 20 times as many cycles of investigation in the time it takes to do a single cell-based assay, with up to 50 times higher throughput. So why waste precious time trying to assign cause and effect based on limited data from traditional approaches such as reporter gene, RNAseq, microarray and qPCR assays?

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Our GRN prototyping service is:

  • Fast, using a simplified in vitro system permits rapid experimentation and data generation
  • Accurate, model system enables precise temporal perturbations and measurements of network dynamics
  • Scalable and reproducible with state-of-the-art lab robots for every throughput
  • Convenient, with no required shipping—and no hands-on lab time for you!

Simply add assays to your order and let our automated service deliver your experimental evidence.


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